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CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium

29 October - 18 November / 2021

Corso Buenos Aires 42 11

Lavagna, Italy

Curator - Abramo Tepes Montini

"Art of Freedom"

Exhibition by

Mladen Bundalo

Vanessa Chyi

Adan De La Garza


Paulo Fajardo

Yolanda García Morales / Film Majnún

Shouichi Iwamoto

Jennifer S. Lange

Antje Lindner

Manuela Mordhorst

Yu Chin Tseng

Claire Walka.

Differently from all our group shows, the exhibition cycle “Art of Freedom” does not have a main theme, so the artists have been chosen considering their personality and the contents. This did not exclude that the artworks on display would even be inspired to freedom, which nowadays is a value that is menaced again and that needs new attentions.

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